Sunday, January 26, 2014

More uses for hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is often used as an antiseptic on cuts and scrapes, as mouthwash, and to whiten teeth. But there are many other uses for this inexpensive germ killer around your home and outside as well. Here are some suggestions:

Personal hygiene: good for acne, as a gargle, and to soak your toothbrush.

Bathroom: to disinfect cleaning sponges, countertops and to clean jewelry. Also spray the shower to kill viruses, mold and mildew.

Kitchen: to disinfect countertops, cleaning sponges, and cutting boards. Also mix 1/4 peroxide with some salt in a sink full of cold water to kill salmonella and viruses on fruits and vegetables.

Laundry: removes blood, wine, mildew, and grass stains, and is a good alternative to bleach. Just remember it may lighten a colored fabric.

Pet accessories: good for cleaning litterboxes, small animal cages, fish tanks, bird baths, and bird feeders.

When using hydrogen peroxide, never swallow it, don't use it on metal surfaces, and keep it in it's dark container until you use it, as it will lose it's strength if exposed to light.

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